About Us

Business Connections is more than just Office Suites, and is more than an office building. We offer Full time and Part time office space, Virtual services, Co-sharing, Conference services for Business and professionals in London, Kentucky.

Our office suites and servicesare ideal for every size and type of organization. From the remote corporate worker to the go it alone freelancer. With our full furnished suites, you can be up and going once you sign the lease. Don't need a full-time office space, our Virtual office services will fit your needs. Don’t let packages get delivered to an empty house. We can offer you a physical address for all your mail/packages needs. Missing business because you don’t have anyone to answer your phone, Our receptionist can answer your private number and forward the call to just about anyone or anywhere for you.

Co-sharing Memberships are you a freelancer that is tired of going to the coffee shop to be around others? Then join our Co-sharing membership. You not only get Coffee but you get to work around a lot of other great people. We give you a great space with plenty of room, Wifi, Printer/fax, copier access, and coffee. You get to work on your own but with other likeminded individuals that you can bounce ideas off of.

Stories and Testimonials


World class service

Our company needed a space that would allow for a quick startup Business Connections completed those needs and allowed us to service our clients quickly.

Connections is fitting

I rented an office with business connections for my part time business. My business I grew quicker because of the other users at business connections started using my services.